Magic on the West Coast of Scotland

Magical Journey through Scotland’s West Coast

The Christmas Time is over and most of you have already experienced the joys of being back to work.

As a magician I spend most of my work time on the road. The performance itself is only a few % of the actual time accounted for each assignment.

I always try to do some sightseeing while travelling. First of all because I was not raised in Scotland and visiting Cairngorm or any other place still feels like an adventure. Second of all because mixing work with pleasure is the way to go!

I thought describing my first magical journey in brand new Anno Domini 2013 would be a nice touch to my blog, so here we go.

Arisaig House Hotel, Magician Radek Makar

Around a month ago I was contacted by a client who saw me do magic at a corporate event just outside Aberdeen. After a brief discussion everything was planned and I had another booking in my calendar.

I was to go to Arisaig on the West Coast of Scotland for 2 days and do some stand-up and close-up magic at a very special lady’s 70th birthday.

The venue was Arisaig House Hotel – one of those beautiful grey stone mansions, originally built 1864 but much altered in the 1930s. Such an amazing place surrounded by wonderful hills and lochs! Just a couple miles away from Silver Sands of Morar, Glenfinnan with its viaduct (well known from Harry Potter movies) and Monument, Fort William and many other attractions.

The performance went down well and I am expecting to receive another nice testimonial. I even had a chance to do one of my new tricks for the first time ever! Long story short – the guests focus their internal energy on a light bulb which hit by an energy blast explodes! If you find it interesting make sure to keep an eye on my Facebook Page and come to my show! The dates will be announced soon.

I met many great people, did many amazing tricks, decided to add some new tricks to my repertoire and was compared to many other magicians including Dynamo and Faye Presto, who is a friend of the person who invited me!

Oops, I’ve written too much already. Perhaps instead of talking I should just show you some photos I took on the road! Enjoy 🙂

PS. Did you know photography is one of my hobbies? Hope you like the photos!!!

Till the next time!
Radek Makar: Conjuror