Kate Kennedy Club & University of Saint Andrews

Not so long ago I performed at the procession dinner organised by University of St Andrews’ Kate Kennedy Club. The club plays a significant role in the life of the university, maintaining university traditions such as the Kate Kennedy Procession, in which students parade through the town dressed as eminent figures from the university’s history, and organising social events such as the Opening and May balls. Founded in 1926, the club is composed of around thirty matriculated students, who are selected by the club’s members.

St Andrews University

After the show I received more feedback than I could have hoped for! 🙂

“As the event organiser, working with Radek was an absolute pleasure. He was prompt and polite, and kept his cool when unforeseen situations and timings did change. Radek was quick to respond during my email contact with him and got straight to business on arrival after he had introduced himself. This brilliant and novel magician certainly spiced up the night and left the tables he circulated and the 150 guests in a state of perpetual shock! I would not hesitate to contact Radek again, perhaps to host a larger event next time. He was nothing but professional in his ability and conduct. Thank you for making the event such a success.” – Edward Battle (Event Organiser)

“Radek the Conjurer was more than we bargained for. After swanning into the room, he assessed the table situation and continued to confidently and ardently work his magic! Everyone eagerly waited for him to reach their table to see what surprise he had up his sleeve. A fantastic night, many thanks go to Radek for that.” – Ollie Cutting (Club Treasurer)

“I was enjoying the night immensely before Radek came, and even more so after! Having not known a magician was going to be performing, it was a pleasant surprise. As one who is usually highly cynical, Radek left me in complete bemusement, not knowing what questions to ask him!” – Nathaniel Clark (attendee)

“Everyone said what a night they had, which is, to a large extent, thanks to Radek. The quality of the magic really added an edge to the event. A huge congratulations to him!” – Yousra Elbagir (attendee)

It was not the my first show at the Old Course Hotel and Golf Resort and not my first show organised under the wings of University of St Andrews. I always look forward to coming back there. There is simply something magical about the aura of that town…