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Scottish-American wedding in Fettercairn

I had an amazing time doing mix&mingle magic at Fasque House today. Seeing two cultures mix is always very interesting. One thing I can tell you for sure – Texas & Arizona definitely go together with Aberdeenshire! The venue was stunning (as always) and the bride and the groom couldn’t wish for a better weather […]

Magician like Dynamo in Scotland?

Can you put a phone in the bottle like Dynamo? Believe it or not but the above is a question that most magicians in UK are asked at least once every performance. It’s even more popular than the “Can you make my wife/husband disappear”! The times are changing. The celebrities come and go. This is […]

Magical News

Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all I apologise for being such a newbie in running a blog! I have never done it before but hope that my posts will get better sooner than later. I have decided that I will keep the news separate from the core content of the website. The offer stays where […]