Special Project – Magician at Pandora Aberdeen

I was just going through some of the photos and realised I did a very special magic gig a few weeks ago. I have never done anything like that before – that’s where the post comes from!
Jewellery shops are one of these places where magicians don’t usually work. It’s hard to say why. This is just the way it is. To me it’s a shame, because rings, earrings and basically any other type of jewellery are perfect choices when doing close-up magic with borrowed objects. Transforming a ring into a key, making the earring disappear and appear in a locked box, vanishing the ring only to find it tied to a shoelace or keys in the backpocket – you name it!

Let’s get back to the gig.
What was I doing at Pandora (Just to make it clear – Union Square, Aberdeen, Scotland)? I was gathering the crowd and promoting the new – Autumn-Winter Collection 2012 through magic. How cool is that?! 🙂
I spent couple of hours spread over 3 days performing some of my favourite effects for people who barely knew me but enjoyed the magic as much as I did.

PS. Did I mention Pandora Team? They are amazing – trust me! 😉

Here’s a photo of me doing a card trick for the lovely girls from Aberdeen:

Thanks and see you soon!
Radek Makar: Conjuror

About the author:Radek Makar is a UK based, full time magician and marketing professional. He provides creative consultancy services to corporations, helping develop engaging business presentations and generate leads at trade shows. Radek also provides live close-up and stage entertainment for private and corporate clients around the world. Find him on

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