November at The Trickery Aberdeen

Magic, Burlesque and Comedy Night

Starring Burlesque Dancer Magenta D’Lust, Comedian Harry Garrison and Magicians Alan Rorrison and Radek Makar

Hi Folks!

Just a quick note to say thank you for coming to yet another Trickery event at Snafu! You were great and I appreciated performing for you a lot!
Magenta did a great job and so did Harry 🙂 I wasn’t able to watch Alan’s act but given that it involved bowling ball and russian roulette – it must have been really good!

Judging by your reactions, my cabaret magic act went down well even though I had a flu and was weak as a baby! I don’t know if I would be able to pull off the floating table if I had to lift it manually! Lucky for me it flies on its own.

For those who don’t know, the 10 minute act I performed was the same act I did at the very first Trickery back in June 2012. It is also my signature act and I am pretty sure you all know why 😉 This is the first routine I ever produced a pipe at. People seemed to like the idea so I added the bit with the pipe growing into a full-size Gandalf-style Churchwarden Pipe (on the right smoked by hobbit called Merry from “The Lord of The Rings”) 🙂


Hobbit Merry smoking a Churchwarden PipeFor those who haven’t seen it yet here’s a little note on what you can expect to see:

– Floating table
– Appearing umbrella
– Disappearing cane
– A cigarette burning withing a blink of an eye and changing into a handkerchief
– Disappearing and reappearing candles
– Multiplying balls (:D)
– Appearing Churchwarden Pipe
– Coins appearing out of nowhere (I like to call this one Miser’s dream)
– Storm of Kisses (whatever this means to you)
and many more…


Some of you were asking if Snafu is Trickery’s new home and what happened to Trickery at Exodus.

The event has been running since June 2012 and has grown a lot since that moment. As far as I know we needed bigger venue and proper stage. I think it’s a change for better 🙂 Now we have some room backstage to prepare our props and ourselves for performance. How cool is that huh?!

At the end thanks to Iain McCarron for organising such a great night and even bigger for inviting me!
I will post some photos here and at my facebook page as soon as the photographer – I.R.Images posts them online (If you haven’t checked her page yet do it now!!!).


Till the next time!
Radek Makar: Conjuror