Magician like Dynamo in Scotland?

Can you put a phone in the bottle like Dynamo?

Believe it or not but the above is a question that most magicians in UK are asked at least once every performance. It’s even more popular than the “Can you make my wife/husband disappear”!

The times are changing. The celebrities come and go. This is how the world works. After they come, but before they go they change the way people perceive particular industries and their representatives. Criss Angel did that. So did David Blaine. Now it’s the time for Dynamo!

Dynamo - Magician Impossible

Back to the question.

Can I put a phone in a bottle? Yes.
Can I do it exactly like Dynamo? No.
Can anybody else do it like Dynamo? No.
Can Dynamo do it like somebody else? No.

Each and every magician has his own ways of performing magic. There are always multiple ways of achieving the same effect. It’s almost like watching Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) and Harry Potter cast the same spell. In order to create light Harry Potter waves his wand in a specific way and says “Lumos!”. Gandalf raises his staff and doesn’t say a word. The effect is the same. Light.

Going further I can’t walk on river Thames without a specific setup. Dynamo can’t pull somebody’s tooth out and put it back on it’s place (like David Blaine did) without certain setup and David Blaine can’t walk up the wall like Criss Angel.

Should you expect all magicians to be able to perform the same tricks?

Let me answer with another question. Should you expect Picasso to be able to paint “Sunflowers” just because Van Gogh did?

Magic is an art, not a competition.

The difference between magic on TV and magic performed live

When I watch magic on TV people freak out, scream and open their mouth allowing their tongues to roll on the floor. Is that all real? Yes, of course.
Do people react this way when watching a performance live? Yes.
Do people always react this way? No.

People like magic and often overreact when watching extraordinary things happen. Honestly – this is the aim of all magicians. Why? Because people react this way only:

when they love what they see
when they feel comfortable to do so

All magicians want to make people feel amazed, happy and comfortable. Thus the reactions of the audience are the indicator of the quality of performance.

One of the differences between magic on TV and live is that the clips you see on TV are the outcome of a very strict selection. The same trick is filmed X times, but only a few % of the footage makes it to TV.

Have you ever been on TV? Have you been approached by a journalist and the TV crew?
If you answered YES, you know the feeling that makes you want to play along looking as good as possible at the same time. TV is a theatre and you are an actor.

Do you feel like an actor every day? No, because you don’t need to.

Now let me ask you this question:

How would you feel if a weird looking guy approached you on your way to the shops and asked you to lend him your wedding ring. I am pretty sure you would probably say no and start walking faster.

Imagine the same situation but behind the weird looking guy there is a TV crew with your favourite TV Channel’s logos on their uniforms. You would not run away. You would stop and do what they ask you to do.
Most people are happy when given an opportunity to be the heroes of telly. 😉

Am I better or worse than Dynamo

I appreciate Dynamo’s work, because nobody in past years made magic more popular than he did. For me that means more bookings. I am grateful for that!

I know. The question. So am I better or worse?

I am different. I am skillful, experienced and I make people who like magic (and who don’t like magic YET) have the best time of their lives. Just look at the testimonials and videos and let them speak for themselves!

Thanks and see you later!
Radek Makar: Conjuror

About the author:Radek Makar is a UK based, full time magician and marketing professional. He provides creative consultancy services to corporations, helping develop engaging business presentations and generate leads at trade shows. Radek also provides live close-up and stage entertainment for private and corporate clients around the world. Find him on

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