What should you know about hiring a corporate magician FAQ

I realize, that hiring a Corporate Magician is not something you do every day. Below you will find information not only about prices of Corporate Magic in the UK but also what you can expect from an entertainer and what to be beware of when looking for an entertainer! Let’s get started.

When looking for a Magician for your corporate event beware of:

♠ Lack of testimonials
♠ Lack of photos and videos on the website (see gallery on top of the screen)
♠ Suspiciously low prices

The points above are signals that often suggest the entertainer does not have experience necessary to contribute to your event. Magician should be able to help break the ice, make people relax and enjoy theirselves. The last thing you want is an amateur with no professional personality who may be planning to show your guests a couple of tricks your granddad once taught you!

Five factors that affect the price of a magician:

♠ Illusionist’s experience
♠ Location of your function
♠ Date and time of the performance (peak/off peak times)
♠ Number of guests to entertain
♠ Type of entertainment

What do I mean by the “Type of entertainment”?

It’s simple!

Before contacting a magician you should decide what type of magician you need and when you wish him to perform.

I prepared a short list for you to consider:

Remember that you are looking for an adult’s magician!
Although most professional magicians available on corporate market focus on entertaining adults, there are some entertainers who are primarily targetting family or children’s market and only consider corporate engagements an additional source of income.

Decide if you want your magician to be a Magician (see David Blaine/Dynamo) or a Mind Reader (see Derren Brown).
Some magicians specialize in one type of magic (like card magic only) and some are more versatile.
Although I call myself a Sleight of Hand artist (which is my speciality) I also have experience in reading minds.

Then you will have to decide on the type of show you would like to book:

♠ Mix & Mingle Magic – Most popular form of magic in 2012 and 2013. A form of Close-up entertainment. Magician performs whilst people are standing in groups and often pretends to be a regular guest until the moment when he does something amazing.

♠ Close-up Show – Another form of Close-up entertainment. The Illusionist performs at a table for a set amount of time. The tricks complement one another creating unique atmosphere. As all guests are gathered around the table, they enjoy the show from start to the very end. This is a particularly good choice for smaller events (up to 35 guests).

♠ Table Hopping – The performer presents short magical routines when people are sitting at tables before, during or after the meal.

♠ Cabaret Magic – Magician performs on stage to an audience. This is a perfect choice if you only have a short time frame for an entertainer. This can work well during the evening function as a bit of light relief for everyone.

Professional corporate magician such as myself can also provide following services:

♠ Trade show magic – Building and educating capacity crowds. Deliver your sales message with a little bit of the “WOW factor”.

♠ Product launch assistance – I can help you make your product launch an unbelievable experience for your clients.

♠ Promotional events assistance – Promote your products and services in a different way than your competition.

♠ Illusions & Gambling workshops – If you have ever wondered how to identify card cheats, detect lies or you simply need an idea for unusual entertainment for your next event, this is a workshop you would like to have in your schedule!

So what is the base price for a magician you are looking at?

If you are looking for quality, you should expect to pay between £250 and £600 for two hours of Close-up magic. If anyone quotes you below £250 for 2h of magic, please be careful. You might get a bargain from an amateur who is looking for experience. I believe, that for a professional’s event you should get a seasoned professional who has performed at corporate functions for a number of years and knows what to expect. On the other end, if someone quotes you over £600 to perform close-up magic – he is probably trying it on or is a celebrity.

Cabaret magic requires a different setup and the prices may differ depending on the conditions of performance.

A deposit in the range of 20% up front with the balance on the day or after the performance is normal.

The prices of special projects such as product launches, trade show magic or promotional events vary. Please complete the form available here to receive a non-obligatory quote.

For a fair quote to have a magician at your corporate event:

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About the author: Radek Makar is a UK based, full time magician and marketing professional. He provides creative consultancy services to corporations, helping develop engaging business presentations and generate leads at trade shows. Radek also provides live close-up and stage entertainment for private and corporate clients around the world. Find him on