Why Should You Book a Magician for Christmas Party 2013? – Q&A

Corporate & Private – Aberdeen, across Scotland and the UK

I know what you are thinking when somebody asks you about Christmas!
You are thinking – Santa Claus, Merry Christmas, red, green and white, christmas puddings, gifts, snowflakes, striped candy sticks, christmas carols, massive discounts and so on…

Now how does it relate to performing magic over Christmas Period? “Last Christmas” by Wham in the background, performer dressed as Santa’s little helper or even worse – as Santa himself! Brrr… This thought really scared me and I bet it did the same to you.

Let me surprise you!

I am a big believer in professional approach. Even during this special time of the year, making sure my clients are entertained in a top shelf way is my priority.

So why should you book me for your Christmas Event? There are plenty of reasons, my favourite being – Christmas is the time of miracles isn’t it? This is what I do for living! Unlike many other magicians this is my full-time job. Performing illusions is not just my hobby and way to make an extra pound here and there. I take time and effort to study the effects I plan to perform and the psychology behind them! 🙂

Why don’t we have a little Q&A session?


What exactly do you offer during Christmas?

Pick & mix:
a) Amazing Christmas party entertainment based on unique Close-Up Magic! – perfect for drinks receptions
b) Close-up Magic during the meal itself – entertainment in between the courses (Table hopping)
c) Close-up show – 30-45 minutes of pure magic for everyone. Magician sits at a table and performs magical routines complimented by stories and music.
d) Short (20min) Cabaret Act that will bring the spirit of Christmas to your party!
e) Professional Photo/Video package to keep the amazing memories with you for years!

Where do you perform during Christmas period?
– Corporate Christmas Parties
– Private Celebrations
– Family Gatherings
– Restaurants
– Night Clubs
– Care Homes & Hospices
– etc.

Q: Where are you based?

A: I am based in Aberdeen, but have been travelling across Scotland and the UK to do my shows for a number of years.


Q: Do you have an official offer for Christmas Parties?

A: Yes, I do! Please CONTACT ME. A PDF brochure will be available to download soon.


Q: And what’s the price?

A: The price depends on the type of the service you are looking for. The factors that affect the price are: Time, Number of guests, Type of the show, Special Requirements. If you are interested in receiving a quote please drop me an email or give me a call and I will be in touch in no time! CONTACT ME


Q: When should I get in touch with you to make a booking?

A: Literally YESTERDAY! December and early January are the busiest months in magician’s calendar. Some of the bookings are made a year in advance to secure the desired date 🙂


Q: Why shouldn’t I go for the cheaper magician?

A: I do not compete on price. Frankly – you get what you pay for. I believe my prices are affordable and competitive. If somebody offered me a BMW at the price of Skoda I would think twice before going with the purchase 😉 I am sure you would not like to be disappointed with the service you get (and neither would your guests!).


Q: I have heard a magician offered to make a ring disappear! Isn’t it a bit dodgy?

A: It might have been me, as that’s what I sometimes do. Worry not! I also always make them reappear and hand them back to the owner!


Q: I need someone to break the ice at a party. Can you help?

A: Watching magic live is a great ice-breaker. Nothing motivates people to chat more than seing something incredible or shocking (and what is more incredible than seing magic up close?).


Q: Can you provide this extra WOW-factor at my party?

A: WOW-ing people is my specialty. Each and every trick I perform as either Close-up or Cabaret Magician is designed to stun your guests (in a positive way 😉 )


Q: I would like my guests to actually take part in the show, not just watch. Is this possible?

A: Most of the effects I perform engage at least one person. This way the well-known barrier between the performer and the audience disappears!


Q: What can I expect you to wear for a close-up show?

A: I take pride in my approach to work. I normally wear a suit and a tie/bow-tie (look left, disregard the devils sitting on my arms!). If the event is less formal I may go for the semi-formal option. I would never come to your event wearing a tee and sports trousers. That’s simply not how I roll!


Q: What types of tricks do you do in a close-up setting?

A: I play a role of a magician. The question you need to ask is what kind of things you would expect a real magician to do? I can perform small miracles with pretty much everything you have in your pockets. Money, business cards, rings, watches, wallets, pens, you name it! As every magician I also do card tricks but this is not what my act mostly consists of.


Q: Can you put a phone in a bottle like Dynamo?

A: Yes. Under certain conditions. To read more about that please visit THIS LINK


Q: Before I make a decision – how do I know you are not making all of that up?

A: I have been entertaining all types of audiences for years. I am always happy to provide testimonials (CLICK HERE) from happy customers (both corporate and private) and if necessary personal recommendations.


Q: OK! I would like to go ahead with the booking. How do I do that?

A: There are three easy steps.
1. You get in touch with me to discuss your requirements – CONTACT ME
2. We sign my regular booking agreement. This way we both know what we agree on.
3. I get in touch with you around a week before the event to confirm the details.




Thanks and see you soon!
Radek Makar: Conjuror