Charlatans (fake mediums) at work – don't let them fool you

Sometimes people ask me if my magical abilities are real.

Do I REALLY bend cutlery and solid nails with the power of my mind?
When I stop a watch just by looking at it is it because I am using some kind of mysterious ability?
Do I really see your thoughts inside my head when you look me straight in the eyes?

The answer is NO.
I can however make you believe that what you are seeing is real by using conjuring techniques.

I will bend metal with the power of my mind right in front of your very eyes.
I will read your thoughts.
I will make things vanish and produce them out of thin air.

And remember that I don’t use boxes, cages or any other magical apparatus that would suggest something dodgy is going on.

I am not a magician. I am a CONJUROR – somebody whose role is to PRETEND to be a magician. Some people even say I am pretty good at it! 😉

GhostThere are people who want you to believe they have special powers while they are “just” magicians…

If it was possible to read people’s minds, bend the laws of physics and talk to dead people I would be the first one to learn how to do it. Trust me…

Let’s have a look for example at the ability to speak with the dead.

I have seen people who claim they can do that in Scotland. They are all around the world. Good business. People pay a lot of money to hear what their dead Granny or Mom would like to tell them. It’s a shame it’s a BIG, FAT LIE and a CON. Again – trust me, I get paid for fooling people and I know my business.

As James Randi says: “Dead implies incapable of communicating”.

If these people can’t really talk to dead people how is it possible they will tell you facts from your life nobody else knows about apart from your dead family members? The answer is simple. They use the same gimmicks as we-magicians do. The same gimmicks, the same techniques, the same psychological methods. The difference is that magicians/conjurors don’t try to play on people’s emotions to get their money.


One of the methods they use is called “Cold Reading”. You can google it if you like or you can follow the link directly to wikipedia HERE.

My aim is not to explain to you how exactly you can be fooled by their performance. This is by the way how we should be calling it – a performance.
My aim is to make you realise that what you hear from a Medium, Clairvoyant, Fortune Teller, (real) Mind Reader etc. is what you tell them in advance in either verbal or non-verbal way.

Don't be fooled

Below is one version of how a modern mind reading session may look like behind the courtains:

And if you are interested in knowing how charlatans work in dept, here is a video of a man who offers $1million to anybody who can prove they have psychic abilities (No one has done that so far – I wonder why)

Thanks and see you later!
Radek Makar: Conjuror

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