Aldo & Rachel Colombini Magic in Aberdeen

Just last week I had a pleasure to attend Aldo and Rachel Colombini’s lecture at Atholl Hotel in Aberdeen. Not only did I learn great new tricks but also enjoyed world class presentations of great new ideas. Some of them will probably finally find their way into my repertoir 🙂

Although you may not recognize this name, both Aldo and Rachel are one of the very best performers magic society has to offer. Magicians, comedians, lecturers, inventors, they contributed to the magical arts so many ideas it would be difficult to track all of them down! I am pretty sure every single magician in the world performed their tricks at least once in their life (including me – Remember that Oil and Vinegar trick?;))!
If you’d like to read their biography, please click here: Aldo and Rachel Colombini Bio.


– Jesus loves you… but everyone else thinks you are an ass.
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The other 198 are just too offensive to post them online 😉

 Magician Aldo Colombini in Scotland, UK 2013

Till the next time & Ci vediamo (Aldo is Italian)!
Radek Makar: Conjuror